Team Leader: Berto Pandolfo
Team: Renata Hidajat, Meagan Adams, Monique De Souza, Stephanie Widenbein & Youndong (Shawn) Kim, 2010
The purpose of the Digifacture Project was to expose & EXPLORE ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES (SLS & DMLS) WITH STUDENTS AT UTS. 
The SPK bowl emerged out of research into the extent of suitability of SLS (SELECTIVE LASER SINTERING) and DMLS (DIRECT METAL LASERING SINTERING) technologies as alternative manufacturing methods. The SPK bowl provides a unique solution that maintains the ability to satisfy the dual functions of a container and an appealing visual object. It is an object that could not be made using any other method. Exploiting the inherent peculiarities of the SLS technology enabled US to uncover a design solution that would be virtually impossible using other methodS.
Drum Roll improves the current METHOD of unloading 50L draught beer kegs from the truck to the ground LEVEL. Currently, drivers will guide the keg as it falls freely to land on a CORK bag perpendicular to the truck. The product developed during this project allows for the safe and efficient delivery of standard kegs by a single operator, ensuring constant control of the keg and removal of any necessity for dropping kegs unrestrained to the footpath. This device offers a cost-effective & fast solution for improving the high-risk work activity.
The primary mechanism allows the keg to fall under compression and therefore effectively reducing the acceleration and force of impact. It involves a lever, pivot point, friction and a gas traction spring. When a keg enters the system the traction spring is forced to extend, thus providing a clamping force against the keg, causing it to slow progressively as it falls. Through careful calculations of turning moments, the keg will drop into the system, travel quickly but then rapidly decelerate as it approaches the pivot point of the lever. Once the keg reaches the bottom of the device, it is ready to roll and be transferred to the cellar. 
Drum Roll has been designed to withstand heavy stress, large impacts and harsh environments through careful choice in materials and manufacturing as well as bending stress calculations.
Olive oil is a very difficult product to clean and remove. Pouring oil can often leave drips and stains in the surrounding environment. My solution proposes a method of automatic retraction to close off the orifice. which will therefore cut the flow of liquid and prevents any oil drips. The remaining excess oil will be captured in the cavity of the spout opposed to dripping down the side of the bottle. 
The product consists of two injection moulded HDPE parts that are snap fitted together. The spout rotates on the base in an anti-clockwise direction until it connects to the in-moulded spring. This motion produces a pathway for the oil to pour once the spout matches up with the orifice on the base. Once the pouring is finished the user releases the spout which will therefore automatically retract back into its resting state.
“The Cormack Innovation Award is regarded as one of the most practical industrial design awards in Australia. The competition criteria and judging is done by senior industry representatives working in FMCG, beverage, chemical cleaning and pharmaceutical companies, the same people that one day will be commissioning designs from these students in the commercial world”
"Renata as a winner of the Cormackia awards worked not only on her 3 month indenture with us, but we found her so valuable and customer focused we contracted her to do a number of other designs for other customer projects. It is rare to get a brilliant designer that can also engage customers well and understand the end commercial considerations and hurdles on new projects, yet Renata was able to balance all these often competing needs on our projects. She was a pleasure to work with, very confident and also dependable. I have no hesitation recommending her to any position she chooses to pursue"​​​​​ - howard glinn - sales and marketing manager at cormack packaging

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